What to expect

Prior to your massage, your massage therapist will review your general health history since there are health conditions when massage is not appropriate.

Am I completely exposed? – Never!
Depending on what type of massage you are receiving you may or may not need to get undressed. When it is a full body massage most people will undress completely though you may choose to wear underwear or keep on whatever makes you feel most comfortable. You are given privacy to undress and will remained covered with a sheet and blanket except for the body area being worked on during the massage (i.e. arm, leg, back).

Then what?
Once on the table, adjustments will be made to ensure your comfort. Very lightly scented lotions and/or oils may be used however unscented/hypoallergenic lotions are available. Your massage will begin with gentle compressions and light strokes to calm your nervous system gradually increasing to deeper pressure based on your comfort level and focus of the massage.

Will it hurt?
Massage should feel wonderful, not painful. If you are sensitive to touch or experiencing pain, adjustments will be made to your level of comfort based on communication between you and the therapist. It is possible that you may feel discomfort when initially working on an area that has been injured or is experiencing chronic pain however this usually lessens as the work continues. Always communicate with the therapist when you are experiencing discomfort.

How long should the massage be?
A half hour massage is great for specific area body work such as your neck, back, shoulder, legs. An hour massage allows enough time for a relaxing full body massage with concentration on a particular area such as your back. An hour and a half massage allows enough time for a deeply relaxing massage for your entire body as well as special attention to a particular troubled area.

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